Wine and Mood Relationship

A lot of children are resistant to trying new foods, they seem to know for a fact that just the look or smell of the food means it is going to taste bad. On a lesser scale even an adult can pull this mental trick on themselves, even when they don’t try to, because the mood one is in can affect the way they perceive tastes. While no one, hopefully, goes into a wine tasting or sits down with a glass planning for it to taste bad; but a foul mood can make even a beautiful wine taste unbalanced.                 To avoid this mental trick take a few minutes to de-stress before taking out the wine accessories, maybe even consciously try to be put in a more positive mindset. This will make for a more enjoyable wine tasting experience or a more delightful glass of an old favorite. Even a short cool down time at a wine tasting before any wine gets taken out, may improve perceptions overall. As an added benefit, happier guests at a tasting or party will talk more and make for a generally more jovial time.

Paring Wine & Music

Many wine lovers have attended at one time or another a wine tasting whether in their local area or even in picturesque wine country. But for those looking for something new maybe a wine festival settled in the Rockies may just be the answer. The Telluride Wine Festival has been going on in this small Colorado ski town for over 30 years and attracts some of the top wine makers in the industry. In years past this festival held in one of the most beautiful ski towns out West has featured top wines along with chocolates for attendees to sample. Last year the festival organizers chose to add a new component by bringing in music to entertain during the event.

Held in the high mountains in late June this is a wonderful weekend getaway for wine lovers. During this time many of the wildflowers in the region are starting to bloom and this can set up a perfect picnic in the mountains; provided a London two bottle wine carrier with cheese set is brought along to pack the goodies into the backcountry. For those interested in attending this year and experiencing the wine and music in the mountains tickets will go on sale April 1.