Orange Wine

Normally there is only two options when picking a wine, white or red. But an ancient technique used to make a white wine for the red wine lover’s palate is making a comeback. While technically a white, orange wine is becoming more and more popular as the common person’s taste for wine becomes more developed.                 Finding orange wine can be a real challenge though, if found it is a good idea to fill those six bottle wine carriers.  Orange wine is a great choice for parties or those that like both white and red wine because of having tannin structure similar to a red but with flavors more like a white. This bridging of the two typical wine varieties is achieved by leaving in the skins of the grapes just a little longer than typical and by oxidizing the wine a little for good measure.  Normally oxidizing wine is thought of as a bad thing, but when done in a controlled environment it can make a white wine with a tannic character and beautiful coppery color. Don’t expect to find a bottle of orange wine for cheap, but also expect the wine to live up to its price as making orange wine is a very painstaking process that is not undertaken by winemakers lightly.

The Late Summer Flavors

The blazing heat that is ever present in the middle of summer is slowly loosening its grip to make way for calm and sweet autumn. It makes sense that tastes for wine will change according to the seasons a bit, similar to the way watermelon is great in the summer but as the heat fades something more like apples sound good. Look for wines with flavors more like apple, spice, and earthiness to make fall seem all the closer. Or hang on to summer for a little longer with fruitier wines, just let them be a little deeper of a flavor to still hit the spot; think of something like a red with earthy dark berry flavors or a buttery and lemon accented white.                 Easing in the coming fall makes the change feel even more welcomed and exciting; even more so if the change in wine selection accompanies a shift in food. Finally again allowing nut crusted cheeses to go on the cheese boards makes the scorching days of summer fade into the past. Since it is easy to get tired of the ever present heat, welcoming autumn seems like an almost necessary celebration to some; so go with it and enjoy.

Muscato Dreams

Muscat is a variety of wild grape that is becoming very popular with wine lovers because it makes a wonderful wine.  One of the striking differences between muscato wine and more typical wine made with long cultivated grapes is the aromatic difference. Muscato is a the Italian name for wine made with this variety of wild grape which grows quite well in warmer climates like the southern US and California. Of course muscato didn’t really take off a trend in the US for a long time. It still is a small market even though muscato is a great fruity white wine not known for having a big price attached to it. While some dry versions exist, most moscato is fruity and sweet. Even six bottle wine bags though cannot capture all of the different faces of this fruit filled wine has a quality to it that non-wild grapes just cannot capture.                 The growing popularity of muscato wine is good news for people looking for something new. The almost wild taste of the wine is so alluring that often those, who try it, can’t get enough of it. Muscato wine also pairs very well with game animals and desserts alike.  This versatile wine deserves its growing reputation.

When To Drink Which Wine

It has been proven time and again that the price of the wine doesn’t dictate better quality. This would imply that knowledge of wine is a better asset in shopping for wine than a big budget.  Use this information to buy wine smart and to know when it is a good idea to break out the pricier bottles.  Be adventurous and try new brands to find value priced diamonds in the rough and look for these trusted names when next shopping for a value bottle of wine, if wine from a certain vineyard was good once than it should remain of good quality.  This doesn’t mean though that an inexpensive bottle will be good from a brand that has excellent but high priced wine.  Before too long though it will be easy to find wine gifts with a bottle of wine to go with, no matter the price range.                  But when is it okay to serve these value find wines and when is it a good idea to dust off that treasure? Well ask this: would the guests enjoy a new wine or would they be offended that they weren’t offered the best? Can the guests or person to receive the gift enjoy a good wine? IF they are willing to try new things than it may be more fun to show off that steal of a wine that no one else would think to get because it was under $30.

Spring Wine

Some types of wine are just clearly intended for a specific season, and with spring completely here now it makes sense to find a wine to show tribute to  the season.  Spring is all about filling three bottle wine carriers with wine that mimics the light and sweet flavors of the season.  A great match for the bright green and bloming flowers of spring is sauvignon blanc.  The dry, crispness of sauvingnon blanc with its charecteristic grassy, herbaceous notes couldn't be more like spring.  In fact the citrus flavors common in the wine are great for light spring meals. New Zealand is a major producor of sauvingnon blanc and its variety is particularly ggreat for spring and spring like pairings because it tends to have an undertone of tropical fruit flavor.  But California makes great sauvignon too, while sometimes called fume blanc on te label it still is what a fan of sauvignon would look for. The only differance in the California version is that a little bit of oak flavor may be introduced.  Plenty of other spring wines are out there, it is just as easy to get something too sweet or deep flavored that will not suit the season.  Shop carefully and enjoy.

Notes From South Beach

One of the biggest events for Food Network stars and most of the wine world is still in full swing.  Steps away from the Atlantic Ocean are a series of circus size tents where celebrities of the food world shake everyone’s hand and expect to sign autographs.  The latest news out of the festival includes notes on the wine from experienced tasters who have visited the various tents and events.  The endless offerings of grape at the festival have shown the true glory of a few vintages in particular.                 Offered at the “Experience Italy” themed Pavilion was a really enjoyable 2006 Badia a Passignano Chianti Classico Riserva.  Visitors were impressed by amazing smoothness given to the vintage by its amazingly integrated tannins and drawn out finish.  The wine has had visitors to the wine and food festival talking almost as much as the star chef was shaking hands in the tent, host of Everyday Italian, Giada De Laurentiis.  Of course many other great vintages and photo opportunities with food icons are to be had at the festival; but that is just a tip, straight from South Beach, on something good to fill those chianti classico wine glasses with.