Wine Gift Guide

Thinking about all of the holiday gifts that are needed to get can really make even just over a month seem like too short a time to get everything bought and wrapped. It is easy to check any wine lover off the gift list without ever needing to know their wine preferences though. A wine aerator or nice wine bags are good options. These are good gifts because they are not dependent on what type of wine they like but instead are focused on wine enjoyment in general.                 Wine gifts cover a large spectrum of possible gift receivers too. From the old time friend to the grown up child, they are just as much needed gifts as invitations to socialize. A new corkscrew set for an old friend could suggest that getting together to catch up, over a bottle of wine, would be nice.  These types of gifts make an extra special impact when they have a personal touch. So even if the gift receiver already has one of the wine related gift given, it has a little something to make it special. Initial engravings are an excellent example of personalizing a gift. In general, a wine related gift is eagerly accepted.


All in the Aftertaste

The tastes and smells that linger with the drinker after the sip of wine has left their mouth, either having been spit out or drank, if the most important factor in truly enjoying a good wine.  The aftertaste is also called the “finish” and expert wine reviewers pay extra attention to how long a wine’s finish lasts. This is because a quality wine will have a long and complex finish, often which includes tastes not even present in the initial sip.                 Wine with a good finish make a great part of wine gifts to those just starting to appreciate the subtleties of wine drinking. Paying extra attention to how long a wine leaves its impression on the palette is how to really taste the wine like a professional.  They take note of any taste that lingers in the mouth, or any taste that appears only in the aftertaste. All too often people will take a sip of wine and not wait patiently for the aftertaste to finish before taking a bite of food, or another sip of the wine. Not only is this an amateurish move to pull at a wine tasting, but also a way to get cheated out of a lot of the wine enjoying experience. Give thirty seconds between sips minimum to really take in a wine’s true flavors.

Spotlight: Ice Wine

The sweet wonder that is ice wine, is often a confusing subject. How is  this lovely dessert wine “iced”? Well it is actually thanks to a mistake that this great sweet treat of a wine exists. A quick fresh once hit some vines laden with grapes, they were frozen solid. Of course they were still technically good, so the wine maker used them all the same. The result was a concentrated sweet wine because the water in the grapes was turned solid but the sugars remained unharmed. Modern techniques allow for the recreation of this happy mistake.  They can freeze the grapes so gently with modern techniques that ice wine can even be made slightly less or more sweet to suit the tastes of the drinkers and whim of the maker.    Ice wine is not on sale everywhere but it is becoming more popular as wine consumption in general takes off, so look for it at local wine shops or high end groceries. This sweet wine delight would make a great gift for someone with a sweet tooth or as part of other wine gifts to someone that is just so sweet. 

When To Drink Which Wine

It has been proven time and again that the price of the wine doesn’t dictate better quality. This would imply that knowledge of wine is a better asset in shopping for wine than a big budget.  Use this information to buy wine smart and to know when it is a good idea to break out the pricier bottles.  Be adventurous and try new brands to find value priced diamonds in the rough and look for these trusted names when next shopping for a value bottle of wine, if wine from a certain vineyard was good once than it should remain of good quality.  This doesn’t mean though that an inexpensive bottle will be good from a brand that has excellent but high priced wine.  Before too long though it will be easy to find wine gifts with a bottle of wine to go with, no matter the price range.                  But when is it okay to serve these value find wines and when is it a good idea to dust off that treasure? Well ask this: would the guests enjoy a new wine or would they be offended that they weren’t offered the best? Can the guests or person to receive the gift enjoy a good wine? IF they are willing to try new things than it may be more fun to show off that steal of a wine that no one else would think to get because it was under $30.

Wine Gifts For Mothers Day

Mothers Day is still more than a week away but it is not too early to think about what you will buy your mom this year. With so many health benefits packed into every bottle of red wine this would be the perfect gift of something that she can enjoy. While for some shoppers mom may already be well versed in wine, wine consumption, and even pairing it with food; others on the other hand may not be. Whether your mom is new to wine or not, a premium wine always makes a perfect gift for any occasion including Mothers Day. But while a bottle of wine may be the obvious gift for her there are other options that can accompany it in a wine gift basket. A wine accessory gift set can be given with a bottle to make enjoying that wine even easier. Other great wine gifts that can be included with a classic vintage are wine books and even wine glasses or decanters.

For just about everyone mom is the one person you could always count on so let her know it this year with the perfect gift of wine.

Trends In The Wine Industry

While in the past being a top notch vineyard simply meant growing grapes which were so full of flavor the resulting wine was exceptional on the palate times have changed a little in the industry. No longer does a vineyard get by, by simply growing grapes and making wine. Now a vineyard needs to market there wines and appeal to what is selling as opposed to just dictating what is in demand. For the past couple of years as the economy as suffered trends have been toward less expensive wines that are still full of flavor making business hard for premium wine areas such as Napa Valley.

Other trends include being organic and environmental since these are things that are important to the average wine consumer today. Using agriculture methods that will not fill the product full of pesticides or the area with chemicals are higher in demand than traditional wines. Packing is also important to many with recycling and less materials needed in bottles and boxes as long as the wine inside is of exceptional quality. Wine lovers still enjoy to splurge on wine for themselves and personalized wine gifts for friends but the wine inside needs to live up to the same values they consider important.

Tasty Tools For Warding Off Cancer & Valentines Day Treats

It seems everyone has been touched in some way by cancer in their lives. From family members to friends diagnosed with this terrible condition to actually being diagnosed themselves in one of its many forms. While it is not possible to completely cut off the risk of being diagnosed with cancer science is showing that taking certain steps will reduce the risk of one day being a patient. Red wine and dark chocolate are continually being studied in how they can help the body to protect itself from cancerous cells. Time and time again these indulgences for some are showing they are packed full of properties that can ward off cancer. For those who enjoy a glass of wine or a piece of dark chocolate each day the chances of being diagnosed with cancer goes down considerably.

For Valentines Day this year get your sweetie something that not only tastes great in the form of wine of chocolate but will also keep them healthy. Whether buying them a bottle of their favorite wine, a box of chocolates, or even wine accessories you cannot go wrong with these special gifts.

Chocolate Wine For Valentines Day

Nothing says Valentines Day quite like chocolate and wine for your sweetheart. But what about chocolate in your wine? Pirtle Winery has a excellent wine that features the delicious taste of chocolate inside a fine red wine. The result is their Chocolate Cherry Wine that is as delicious as it sounds. This wine is produced year round but it really seems to shine during the most romantic holiday of all for those looking for something special to fill their wine bags with. This red wine looks gorgeous in crystal stemware and is a real inspiration with its aroma. But when it really seems to make a mark is with the first sip. It does taste like chocolate covered cherries.

As an added bonus when you eat dark chocolate with this wine you can bring out even further the unique taste of both the chocolate you eat as well as the wine itself. For those looking for the ideal bottle of wine to celebrate this special holiday with Chocolate Covered Wine may just be it. Others though may prefer to keep their chocolate on the side and go with a more traditional red depending on how much they really enjoy the subtle hint of cherry infused with chocolate.

Flowers Are Not The Only Roses Popular For Valentines Day

Red roses are one of the most popular gifts for someone to give the special person in their life on Valentines Day, but many are choosing to accompany those flowers with another type of rose. Rose wines, especially those of the sparkling variety, are becoming perfect personalized wine gifts to go along with roses or even chocolate. Sparkling wines such as a cremant, prosecco, and cava are wonderful tasting affordable versions of champagne in a beautiful red or pink shade. While the true beauty of these wines is not just in their coloring but in the fact you can get them for amazing affordable prices. While being affordable does not mean they are cheap poor quality wines.

These wines look beautiful when gave as a gift either buy itself or alongside full long-stem roses. If chocolate will be paired with these sparkling rose wines consider getting a bottle that is slightly sweeter to properly accompany that box of fine chocolate for Valentines Day. Either way there is no better way to celebrate the day of love than by sharing a crisp and refreshing glass of rose wine with that someone special as part of your romantic evening.

The Chinese Are Drinking More Red Wine

Traditionally wine has never been a big drink for those who live in China, but recently red wines such as a Bordeaux have been selling in record breaking numbers. Of course some point to the newly rich in the country looking for new outlets for spending their new found fortunes and enjoying a higher quality lifestyles. But a recent surge is being attributed to the Chinese New Year which is also coinciding with Valentines Day. While red is commonly the color associated with Valentines Day it is also a color that symbolizes happiness in Chinese culture. What better way to celebrate happiness, love and a new year than with a fine bottle of red wine among friends and family. Not only are red wines perfect with so many Chinese foods but also it provides health benefits to the drinker with a boost in antioxidants.

Both of these holidays are traditionally gift giving times in Chinese culture, so red wines make  ideal personalized wine gifts for someone for either occasion. This is another reason why sales are spiking higher than ever. Traditionally the Chinese consume fermented grain alcohols as opposed the grape based wines that the rest of the world prefers.