On Freezing Wine

Frozen wine may seem like a tragedy but it is really a fast and easy way to keep wine fresh in a pinch. A partial bottle of wine can simply be stopped or recorked and put in the freezer and saved for another time.  Interestingly enough freezing wine does not damage its delicate tastes or smell. Time would harm a wine more than freezing.  The only possible chance of damaging a wine in the freezer comes from long term freezing or the bottle getting popped open or cracking from the expanding water. Even wine that may have been altered by long term freezing can still be cooked with, if drinking it doesn’t seem appealing anymore.                 Fill three bottle wine totes with care still though. Freezing cannot replace a good wine cellar for aging wine. In fact open bottles are the only ones that can be frozen. Due to water expanding as it freezes an unopened bottle could easily crack or shatter in the freezer.  Of course it is still a great way to save a partial bottle. For best results, let the wine thaw slowly over a day or so, otherwise some dissipation may occur.

Wine, Tomatoes and Sunscreen

What does a glass of red wine have in common with a ripe tomato? Just the color red? What about to a bottle of sunscreen? Well funnily enough all three have something very amazing in common that only the sunscreen is known for, protect skin from the sun. Of course the sunscreen is the only one put right on the skin, compounds found in red wine and tomatoes can protect skin from the inside by making it less easily damaged by UV rays. These flavonoids have been found to significantly help skin repair itself from the damage that sun causes and even fortifies the skin against future burns and damage.  While these are also found in quality chocolate and some other vegetables, they are highest in red wine and tomatoes. This means that pasta with tomato sauce and a glass of red wine for dinner is more than a great simple meal, it is like extra sunscreen. While the effects may be subtle, the studies show that continued consumption of the compounds can have dramatic results over the years. Filling those three bottle wine totes regularly could actually fight the aging process. Sun damage causes its color, wrinkles, and spots by destroying cells on the skin surface but red wine can help increase healthy blood flow to the skin and deliver flavonoids to the skin for better healing and protection.

Drink Now

A lot of the time in wine reviews there are certain wines that are said to be for drinking now. This can be a bit alarming to some readers, which makes it strange that the phrase is still used to frequently. This phrase doesn’t mean that if a wine isn’t drank immediately it will turn to vinegar or anything so extreme as that. The phrase drink now just means that reviewer decided this particular wine would not benefit or even change from any extended amount of bottle aging; it is at its best right now.                 An example of a wine best drank now would be a fresh and juicy rose wine. They can keep for a long amount of years but really are just as the day they are put in stores as when they are a decade old.  This brings up the interesting point that some wine is great when young, making it easy to seem the wine expert in front of friends. Fill three bottle wine totes with two wines to drink now and one to age. Friends will see this care and knowledge as to what is good now and what can age, soon they may ask for advice too.

Spring Rose

It is clearly spring, beautiful and full blooming spring.  While it can be a fickle season with lots of rain and sun alike, there is one thing that suits spring all of the time; rose.  Of course this isn’t the flowers, rose wine.  The lovely pink wines are just juicy enough to make everything more sunny and full of life.  While a lot of different roses are available to put in three bottle wine totes for that get-together or cook-out with friends, it is best to look for rose wines that are distinctive.                  Many think that rose wine tastes more like white zinfandel than anything else, but there are rose wines out there with flavors so unique that they can range from something like a mineraly and fruity explosion to almost sparkling wine with a fruit punch kick.  Common is not really in a rose’s taste, fruit is as close to common as it can be pinned down because all kinds of fruit from watermelon, strawberry, raspberry, apple, grapefruit and lime are easily found in good roses.  While it may not seem manly to be drinking a pink wine, get over it and join the women because everyone deserves to enjoy this fun and fruity way to luxuriate in spring’s fine weather.