Smoked Fish Pairing, Tricky

Strong flavors can be hard to deal with sometimes, smoked fish being an example of a harder flavor to pair with wine.  In fact for most pairing advice smoked fish seems like a paradox. Fish is full of delicate flavors that are typically paired with a white wine, but smoking foods almost always adds deeper notes to the fish as well as heightening the fish’s natural flavors in a way that could possibly make it too strong for some white wines to be enjoyed thoroughly in a pairing.  The chance of just a random wine from the six bottle wine totes suiting smoked fish is slim, as smoked fish is known for not working with wine well for a reason. Thanks to the great variety of smoked fish available though, there is a possibility for a match.                 The classic smoked salmon matches rather easily with a mildly dry red with light herb flavors and maybe even citrus notes.  This combination works so well because fresh wines clean the mouth between bits of fish, but salmon can stand up fairly well to a red.  More white meat fish like trout that have been smoked pair better with smoky, oaked whites like chardonnay. 

Wine Stain? Remove it Right

Red wine is both an enjoyment and a constant threat in a way. Especially at parties when those six bottle wine totes are involved in the shopping and even at simple dinners when one bottle is all that gets touched, red wine can ruin the evening. One little slosh and the host has a mess to clean off their carpet. An unattended glass gets spilled and the damage could be much more significant, maybe even including a guest’s clothes. No real precautions can be taken to avoid red wine spills and the stains they produce on carpet, clothes and furniture. Of course while it is downright silly to try to prevent these accidents, they are actually not too hard to clean up.                 The most important note on any red wine spill is to act immediately. There is no greater weapon in removing the stain successfully than getting to it right after it happens. Wither the stain is on a rug or piece of clothing, try to dab or suck off most of the wine. This is a great job for a wet vac because it pulls the liquid out quickly. The next step is to pull out even more of the stain with club soda or other clear carbonated liquid. Not only do the bubbles pull more of the wine stain out, but they keep the spot wet until the stain is out. Once it dries the stain is set.

Lessons From A French Wine Lover

The French pride themselves on their wine and they pride themselves on knowing a lot about it too.  But for an American it can be a bit overwhelming.  But a few little tips and facts can make French wine, and wine in general, a simpler experience.  The idea that red wine should be drank at room temperature was developed when rooms where colder on average, now that rooms remain a little warmer though most people drinks reds a little on the warm side. Don’t feel bad asking it to be chilled, five to  ten minutes in the fridge gets a bottle to just about the right temperature.  Another thing is that out of the thousands of varieties of grape used to make red wine, only about ten are commonly known. Take advantage of restaurants to try lesser known wines, if they weren’t good the sommelier would not want them on the wine list after all.  This can lead to big savings because even a high end Languedoc is cheaper than a bargain Bordeaux, but this is not because Languedoc is not good.  The less demand for a particular wine, the lower the price, many a good grape has stopped production just because of a lack of demand, not quality.  Filling six bottle wine totes with lesser known wines can really be a treat for the savvy wine lover wanting to share with friends the joy of grape.