Paprika in Pairing

Sometimes the spices of a dish are the real stars, and pairing the wine with the spice in that case would be a tragedy to the enjoyment of the wine and the dish. Paprika for example can be a dominating flavor in a dish like chickpea stew or a traditional Hungarian fish and paprika soup that is red with the spice.                  Paprika is a common Hungarian spice and a great addition to any dish that needs warm pepper smokiness without too much spice.  Dishes where paprika is the dominant flavor, pairing it with chardonnay is a simple and great choice. An oaked chardonnay compliments the smoky perfection of good paprika.

                Trying to fill six bottle wine carriers based on favorite spices can be done. A spice can determine the whole tone of a meal, just as easily as meat can.  Think about the tone of the spice and wither it would be best for a wine to compliment or contrast the spice. The snappy, green woodiness of thyme would be a good note to have complimented in a wine, whereas the kick of chilies may want to be mellowed by a more refreshing wine. Use pairing with herbs and spices as an easy way to find the right wine when more common ways don’t quite hit the mark.

About Structure

What is that element of a wine that makes it age so well, or remain as constant as the migration of geese? This is an effect of the structure of the wine; it’s the purely scientific breakdown of the different components of the wine.  Completely separate from the taste and aroma of the wine is its structure, how much alcohol and tannins the wine has. A wine with good levels of these things will age beautifully where as a wine with a lack or excess in any of these compounds can resist change thoroughly or even be damaged by the passing of time.                  While there is little telling a wine’s structure before opening the bottle, professionals take the structure into account sometimes with their reviews of a wine. Read these to look for clues, or buy multiple bottles once finding a particular vintage to have a good structure. Take into mind though that there is a trick to telling the structure of a wine, one that can be taught with classes as well as years of experience and checking with professionals. Just keep at the hard work wither it is to share wine knowledge with friends or make a stellar wine cellar that is the envy of all.  Six bottle wine carriers may not seem enough once the secret of telling a wines structure becomes easy for one. But then again maybe the wine cellar will have to be expanded to for those growing collections. 

No Reason Party

Sometimes the urge just strikes, it can hit a person with no warning and needs no occasion. Humans are social creatures so occasionally they can't help but want to get together and socialize.  A lot of the time it can wait until a holiday or other fitting excuse, but not always.  A simple gathering, just for the sake of seeing old friends, is actually quite easy to orchestrate. Simply pick one or two adapable wines and fill one of those six bottle wine carriers and the planning is almost half done.  Serve along with these wines bit sized h'or deurves and tea sandwhiches that will suit the wine served with them and surprise the guests they are given to.  To go along with a crisp,  slightly dry white like Chardonnay try making tea sandwhiches with chicken, pesto and a hard cheese like romano slivered into them. Of course grapes and apple slices are easy tid bits to serve too, this is all about getting something quick together for a few close, or quite a few, close friends after all.  Things to pair with a deep red are red berries that match the flavors in the wine along with small hot sandwhiches like steak and peppers.  Of course the main point here is to let the conversation flow and enjoy some time with pals.