On Freezing Wine

Frozen wine may seem like a tragedy but it is really a fast and easy way to keep wine fresh in a pinch. A partial bottle of wine can simply be stopped or recorked and put in the freezer and saved for another time.  Interestingly enough freezing wine does not damage its delicate tastes or smell. Time would harm a wine more than freezing.  The only possible chance of damaging a wine in the freezer comes from long term freezing or the bottle getting popped open or cracking from the expanding water. Even wine that may have been altered by long term freezing can still be cooked with, if drinking it doesn’t seem appealing anymore.                 Fill three bottle wine totes with care still though. Freezing cannot replace a good wine cellar for aging wine. In fact open bottles are the only ones that can be frozen. Due to water expanding as it freezes an unopened bottle could easily crack or shatter in the freezer.  Of course it is still a great way to save a partial bottle. For best results, let the wine thaw slowly over a day or so, otherwise some dissipation may occur.

Wine by the Glass

In response to the obviously tight economy lately, restaurants have made wine by the glass more available.  Buying wine by the glass instead of a whole bottle is more economical, and that is the name of the game in today’s market.  They are increasing the selection of wines available by the glass because more effective saving has let restaurants make the last pour taste just as good as the first.  Some restaurants are even starting to offer wine on tap, rather in the same way as beer.  But in the name of being money wise, why even go out to eat as often.  There are ways to have just a glass or two from a bottle and then save it in your own home.  Try a simple metro wine bottle stopper for short term storage of the remainder of the bottle.  That gives you the chance to enjoy the rest the next day without any diminished quality.  Vacuum systems exist to suck the air out of the bottle, more or less sealing it again, but a simple stopper can do wonders for you and is so much easier to use.  But this of course is not saying that going to a nice restaurant and trying something new, just a glass of it, isn’t nice too.