Wine Punch, Not Just Sangria

While normally called Sangria, a wine punch is more than just the Spanish classic drink of fruit and red wine. Breaking this thought can create some tantalizing wine punches that are suitable for occasions all year round. Instead of sticking to the traditional ingredients, add things based more on whim and season to create succulent wine punch that goes with anything. Wines punch really only needs to contain wine, added flavors from fruit and fruit juice, and hard liquor. That leaves the specifics up to personal preference.                 Good wine punch has a more complex flavor than the wine originally used in it, and while good wine is essential to a good punch, and using an extraordinary wine is not a guarantee for success.  Instead go for seasonal flavors, like in fall use apple and darker fruits like cherry to make a distinction from the summer favorite. Versions of wine punch can even be made with two bottle wine carriers full of white wine; it doesn’t have to be a red wine and fruit concoction. Experimenting with different flavors like cranberry or raspberry juice and fruits like apricot or pineapple  that are usually not included in sangria could make for a wine punch more suited to the season of occasion.  

Summer Wine Punch

                Sometimes in the summer it is just too hot for a simple glass of wine, cooling off with some wine based drinks is another great option. Punch and cocktails based on wine are a wonderful and unique to beat the summer heat. Try a pink lemonade punch made by blending ice with pink lemonade and adding a juicy rose wine. There are many versions of these chilly adult drinks, and they are well loved in the summer. Sangria is one of the best known summer wine punches. Try two bottle wine totes filled with good Spanish red wine or burgundy and rose to start the best sangria ever. Add to it no more than four different fruits to keep the flavors uncluttered.  Good fruits to put in sangria are melon, citrus, mango and pineapple depending on the wine going into it.                  Other good wine drinks are out there and just waiting to be invented, so experiment with adding ice, fruit and other flavors to find personalized ways to refresh. Maybe what once started as a simple mix could become a well-loved summer favorite with friends and strangers alike like the wonderfully fruity May Wine. All May Wine is is dry white wine and strawberries halves, so don’t be too intimidated to get creative.