Sweet Cheeses Paired with Wine

Fruit is common at wine tastings and on cheese boards, but they are usually the only bits of sweet on a sea of savory, even when served with sweeter wines.  But just like there are sweet wines, there are sweet cheeses, but sweeter cheeses usually are not found at the normal parties’ cheese boards. This is a tragedy that seriously needs some help, because sweet wines are probably tired of being relegated automatically to being paired with cakes and other desserts. Wine naturally so it makes sense that sweet wine should be paired with similarly complicated and fruity cheese.  The complex flavors of wine are meant for equally complex flavors, so if it is too far out of the comfort zone for some to leave brie and the like off the menu, try just a simple dessert with cheese; like pears and stilton.                 This little thought about variety of pairing is a real treat to get into. More satisfying than the average piece of cake or doughnut, and with the added benefits of calcium in the cheese and antioxidants in the wine, these sweet pairings are one of the smarter ways to satisfy a dessert craving. Getting the hang of picking out the right cheeses can take some time, but there are a plethora of resources there to help.

Wine and Cheese

Ah, the age old pairing of wine and cheese; it never fails to invoke thought at a simple gathering or elevate a dinner to the next level of elegance.  In fact the act, no the art, of pairing wine and cheese has been around for at least 4000 years.  Some different ways exist to pick which cheese to pair with which wine, but there really is no true method.  It is more about what works for you personally. The different ways of finding a suitable pairing can get pretty complex, or you can keep it simple.  Some people like to pair based on regions; believing that wine from various regions have similar qualities to the cheese produced there.  Others use strength to determine their pairing. While it is true that a strong red can overpower a light white cheese, it is not always a solid rule.  The best rule is to just try it all and smile and move on at the few inevitable failure pairings that you find.  You could even make a game out of it.  Get some friends and an apple cheese board laden with your cheese picks and plenty of wine to try with them all.  You may even find that some like pairings that others find horrible.