Look out, it's the Ph-Ph-Phantom. Whenever there is a Phantom, I think of Scooby-Doo. This Phantom is worth checking out. It's Zin blend by Bogle. As always, they would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn't for those meddling kids. Scooby Snacks for eveyone.


Day 3 - 31 Days of Halloween Wine Labels - Thorny Rose

Today's label is Thorny Rose. While not specifically Halloween, we did get a darker, more uncomfortable feeling with this one. It could just be the time of year or the pre-frame of looking for wine labels that could be scary, but it made our list.

Thorny Rose

Thorny Rose

31 Days of Halloween Wine Labels - Day 1 - Pinot Evil

Now that fall is in full swing, it's time to look forward to that scary fun day and night at the end of the month. I'm referring of coarse, to Oct 31st, also know as Halloween. I've notice more and more wine labels that have a scary Halloween theme. To celebrate, we will feature halloween wine labels every day in October. We will kick it off with Pinot Evil, a Pinot Noir from France. By the way, these labels are in no particular order.

Pinot Evil

Pinot Evil

Age Worthy Wine

Not all wines benefit from aging, but those that do make people the world over attempt to age wine.  But what is it that makes a wine worthy, or even able, to age.  Well only a handful of vintages can actually age well.  The point of aging wine is to transform it into something better, a new thing entirely. But sometimes the new thing is not as good as the original. How can you tell if that will be the case?   Most modern wine stands up rather well to time, but they don’t really change all that much.  Reds will get smoother as their tannins vanish and whites will slowly oxidize into nothing.  But finding an original and completely new wine will defiantly provide a more distinctive aged flavor.  Also a vintage with a strong core flavor and aroma will age better than others.  This is because that core flavor will not fade as much as those hints of flavor or subtle smells in the bouquet once it has aged.  So if you can find a wine that fits these specifications than you should stash it away and wait for the splendid caterpillar to turn into a beautiful butterfly.  Once that happens all you need is a corkscrew to enjoy it.

spotlight Chardonnay

                Sometimes chardonnay is just the first white wine that comes to mind but it is the most popular white wine in America for many reasons.  Firstly it can take on a number of flavors; there is no real set taste or bouquet.  Secondly it can be drunk immediately after being made or aged 5 to 10 years.  This versatile wine is clearly an American favorite because it is unexpected and surprising just like the American spirit.  This white wine goes great with almost anything because of its flexibility. Drier ones go great with lighter savory dishes or heavy savory dishes that need a refreshing light point. The sweeter chardonnay pairs fairly well with sweet things because of the ripe fruity flavor.  It is possible to host a tasting party of just chardonnay and not even bore the red wine fans that came.  In bacchus white wine glasses can swirl chardonnay that can taste anywhere from semi-sweet to completely dry.  It can also be heady or light and contain flavors like apples, citrus fruit like lemon and orange, melon and oak.  The oak typically develops later when a chardonnay is aged but can be present in new vintages too.

Plan a Brunch

Easter is not too far away and even for families that are not religious, Easter Sunday is a big holiday.  The traditional way to celebrate Easter is with having a big family gathering for brunch.  Not just a simple brunch but something that requires planning, some are surely starting on the planning of it now.  Of course this is a holiday so it makes sense to have wine with the grand meal, but this can also pose a bit of a challenge.  Brunch can consist of so many different food items, all with a different taste and wine compliment.  A lot of breakfast foods like scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, fruit salad and waffles pair well with light but crisp wine. Lunch foods on the other hand can need more flavor to stand up to cheeses, or red meat.

For those wanting to not go for the champagne because it would seem too formal of out of place, just try a red and white; this is a holiday after all.  Two bottle wine carriers along with a good plan are all that is needed to pull off Easter brunch without a hitch.  Maybe it will be so easy that egg coloring will get more time this year.